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An out of this world experience, CORE is the most innovative web browser that exists on the market. With its high-end, scale-able functionalities, we aim high with CORE. CORE is the web browser from the future - built specifically to optimise your lifestyle and combine the best of both traditional and modern worlds in the new digital age.

CORE was built by people that believe doing things right matters.

Browse to your destiny

Join the community of CORE and become your own reality

Native Development

CORE is the first browser that provides its users with a free included application builder pack.

Quick navigating

The CORE Browser brings web browser navigation to a whole new level with scaleable overlaying navigations.

Powerful Tabs

Bring your browsing process to the front with the world’s first browser to enable drag & drop tabs for external tools & applications.

CORE App Store

Browse through the CORE App Store and equip your CORE Browser with the latest tools and widgets to optimize your workstation.

Import & Export

Improve your work capacity and process time by prepackaging your files and tools to the CORE browser to compact your online work environment.

Professional Support

Cant seem to get CORE functioning as it should? We are always here to help you out with our support section.

Experience CORE in less then 60 seconds!

Allow us to convince you to make the switch in less then a minute.

Connect CORE & CcS

Discover a new world of unexpected, deeply enriched experiences in all facets of work, gaming, shopping, smart technology and so much more. Redefine your expectations and immerse yourself in moments so intense that your intuition takes over. Become the driver of your very own pilot seat and allow yourself to go to the next level. Leap into incredible virtual worlds and overcome new challenges in extraordinary ways - together with CORE you can and will accomplish.

Develop on top of CORE

CORE Browser allows other developers to build amazing CORE Apps within minutes. With CORE both the producer and the consumer can enjoy the best process.

Virtual Reality Education

Shape the future of education together with less effort and lower intensity and focus on the things that really matter.

Comprehensive Solutions

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